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Who we are?

Bara Kali Group is an international business advisory firm focused on the East Africa region. Whilst sector agnostic, Bara Kali provides corporate advisory to clients with a specialist focus on agriculture, mining and distressed assets.


As an advisory and management firm, we serve a specific client base that require both conventional and non-conventional financing and operational solutions to help their businesses develop. We advise and invest on behalf of our clients in opportunities and we provide management services for those seeking to do business throughout East Africa.

We are operating in a wide range of strategic areas:


With a specialist focus in the agri space Bara Kali helps its clients to develop, restructure and manage agriculture assets. Not only do we marry capital owners with agriculture projects (and vice versa), but we also though our network of industry experts, extend the complete package of services designed to provide investors and project owners a seamless pathway from the concept of agricultural investment to the completion of any investment plan.


With an in depth knowledge of precious metals and industrial minerals, Bara Kali advises on the entry, development and exit of mineral assets for project tenement holders and investors alike. Whether greenfield, brownfield or development assets we create value for our clients with the resource and knowledge base approach required to develop projects or to deploy capital into opportunities. This knowledge amalgamates international technical expertise, equipment and capital with local resources, laws & regulations, and management.

Special Situations

Bara Kali has extensive experience in the distressed asset sector. Focusing on the acquisition and recovery of non-performing loans and claims, and the restructuring of distressed businesses, Bara Kali can assist clients with surmounting financial storms. We not only advise clients on the restructuring and recoveries, but we also take positions and manage restructurings through our specialist teams of operators, corporate financiers and industry experts.



We provide high quality execution and strategic planning advise to our clients and a specialism of market penetration and connecting international capital to the region. Our clients come to us for our execution, independent and uncomplicated advise and longer term commitment to delivering results. Based on our diverse expertise and wealth of experience in various industries, we offer advisory services to governments, corporations, family businesses, HNW’s and entrepreneurs.


With specialist capital knowledge Bara Kali can raise debt and equity finance for clients looking to access international markets. We prepare and package companies and opportunities looking to access finance with a holistic financial solution in order to ensure that clients are successful. Our access to capital includes strategic partners, fund managers, life and pension funds, hedge funds, SWFs, family offices, international financial institutions and private capital.


Bara Kali provides fiduciary services to clients and oversees the management of their investments and assets. We facilitate and extend practical support on the ground with sound strategic direction to help our clients reach their plans, both short-term and long-term, ensuring sustainability. Whether the need for investment management, back office and logistical support, business incubation or director and proxy representation, Bara Kali serves it clients as their trusted local partner.


We have a powerful team that comprises of highly qualified and well experienced professionals with a depth of regional and international credentials. We amalgamate local knowledge and understanding with global outlook and best practices for best results in our business.

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